Computer Dictionary for the Common Man – #1

This week, I want to introduce a new series to my  blog.   I call it “Computer Dictionary for the Common Man”.  This series  will attempt to take unintelligible computer terms and break them down into something the common man can understand.  I will be publishing “Computer Dictionary for the Common Man” periodically but it will not be an every week article.  I’ll use it to mix things up a bit.

The word for this week is BIOS.  BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System.  When you push the power button on your computer, it doesn’t just start.  Something has to control the startup process (or initiate the hardware components).  This is what BIOS does.  It is a small piece of system code that runs when you hit the power button.  This code initializes and tests each part of the computer (i.e., the memory, the hard drive, the video, etc).  Once they are initialized, the Operating System then takes over the control of the hardware.

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