Back up your data or lose it!

One of the things that I encounter the most when working on a client’s computer, is that they either don’t know where their data is or they’ve not backed it up recently.  Unfortunately, it’s usually when they’ve lost a hard drive or have some pretty nefarious malware and their data is irretrievable.  I recommend that all computer users devise some computer backup scenario, and use it frequently.  Here are three different scenarios that can be implemented:

  • Most new computer systems come with a vendor provided backup solution.  This can be used to completely backup your data.  Unfortunately, this is not a free option.  But then again, what price do you place on your data?
  • You can sign up with a data backup service that will back up your data.  One such service is Carbonite (  Carbonite is also a paid solution.  Those users fortunate enough to have an Apple product have access to the iCloud which automatically backs up your device.
  • Finally, you can purchase an external hard drive and backup your data there.  This is the option I use and you can purchase a 3 TB (terrabyte) hard drive that connects to your network for a small investment these days.  Some drives even come with software to automatically backup your computer on a periodic basis.

The thing to remember about all of these scenarios, is that you need to know where your data is.  I have a folder on my computer in which I keep all data.  I also configure all programs I use to automatically put the files in this folder.

If you need assistance setting up a backup solution, contact the Good Egg for help.  And remember, eiather back up your data or lose it.

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