Using the Cloud to Backup your Computer

The Cloud is quickly becoming the wave of the future.  It’s great for sharing files and pictures with friends and family.  Something new that is showing up is backing up your computer to the Cloud.  But, is this really safe?  Yes and no.  The Cloud is basically a Server on someone’s network and as such, is open to theft and attack.  The technologies available these days make these Servers more secure, but technology changes every day.  The hackers learn new tricks and figure out new ways to break into the Servers.  There is also the issue with unhappy employees stealing data.

My recommendation if your going to back your data up to the Cloud?  Don’t backup anything that will have account information or other personal information in it, such as your Social Security number.  If you want to back up your photos or your iTunes music so that you don’t have to redownload it, by all means go ahead.  Just be cognizant on what you are actually putting on the Cloud!

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